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Carina Sightings: Carina AA63 20v Sedan on Goo-Net

I found this Carina AA63 on Goo-net:
Carina AA63 20v Sedan
Carina AA63 20v Sedan

I know what you probably thought first: that must be a scale model!

Well, it is not! Have a look at this:
Carina AA63 20v Sedan
Carina AA63 20v Sedan

That looks a lot better, doesn’t it? ;)
I have no clue what the photographer did wrong in that first picture, but is surely looks weird. Maybe it is the combination of the garage floor and the rollcage creating an illusion of a reflection in the windscreen…

4AGE 20v blacktop with a set of ITBs
4AGE 20v blacktop with a set of ITBs

This Carina GT-R got its heart swapped for a nice revving 4A-GE 20 valve Blacktop. As you can see the radiator has been upgraded as well. Also the owner did not bother to swap the cooling fan in the process.

Funny thing: I just realized that relocating the waterpump and distriubutor are not necessary for the Carina AA63: it sits more in front of the firewall than in the AE86! So all you have to do is reroute all piping of the radiator to the back of the engine! I verified this by looking at Revolverdrift’s AA63 20v setup.

Unfortunately his Carina got stolen last week. So, if anyone has seen his car, in or outside Malaysia, please let him know! I hope it will return soon!

Talking about theft:
Anti fuel theft?
Anti fuel theft?

Looks weird… Only logical explanation I can come up with is that this car either has a fuelcell (not visible), a weird D1SL or MSC rule I’m not aware of or an anti fuel theft method. I suspect the most probable is the last explanation.

Rollcage, bucketseats and new tach
Rollcage, bucketseats and new tach

The rollcage is of the removable type so the cage itself is placed a bit annoying nearer to the center of the car. The rear bench has been stripped and a set of bucketseats have replaced the original front seats.

The car is sitting on a set of deep dished SSR Mk. IIs. The rims can’t be much wider than 7J because they don’t stick out of the fenders.

You would think: what’s so special about this car then?
Well, the car itself isn’t that special. It is more that the surprise picture caught my eye, then the anti fuel theft and then I also realized the 20v problem didn’t apply to the AA63 Carina. So that’s worth a Carina Sightings posting I guess. ;)


  1. aa63


    The rerouting of the water pipes from the blog’s pic is not my engine bay pic, I’m using the conventional method of using the ae86 water pump and blocking the original water its not so messy and looks more original, but i think the temp will be slightly higher.

  2. banpei

    Sorry, I didn’t look/read properly: the color of the enginebay is different than yours!
    I do agree: this enginebay and the enginebay of the car on your blog look messy. I don’t think it matters much for the temperature: all the bends in these pipes won’t help either…

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t think it matters much for the temperature: all the bends in these pipes won’t help either…

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