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Toyota 4AGE overview [JDM Trivia]

Today’s trivia is about the Toyota 4AGE. I will give you an overview of all the different 4A-GE models, how to recognize them, what their (basic) differences are and on which cars they were available.
4A-GE overview

All five Toyota 4A-GE NA generations

The video contains all five 4A-GE naturally aspirated generations: from the first 1983 bluetop 16 valve till the last 2000 blacktop 20 valve. We will go over each and every generation with their specifics. Some may have had changes since the previous generation, like the oil squirters in the 4AGE smallport.

I will skip over the details of the 4A-GZE and the TRD/Formula Atlantic engines as I will do a separate video on those engines. Watch the video below: Continue reading

Carina Sightings: Yokosuka’s Toyota Carina AA63 for sale

Occasionally I browse Goo-Net to see if there are any interesting Toyota Carinas for sale, like a Carina Jeune or a 20v Carina. So when I spotted Yokosuka’s deep blue Toyota Carina AA63 for sale earlier today I really felt a strong pain in my heart:
Yokosuka's Toyota Carina AA63 GT-R for sale
Why? It is one of the nicest Carinas around and he put so much time and effort in the car!
Yes it really is the same

On the positive side, this allows us to have a peek on all the internals of this beauty: Continue reading

JCS 2010 highlights (part one)

I just uploaded all worthy pictures I took at Japan Classic Sunday 2010. I haven’t commented them yet but I surely will do that in the upcoming week. I’ll also start posting pictures from the meet now and then. Let’s kick off with some highlights!

Trip to the JCS 2010
Trip to the JCS 2010

The trip to JCS was already a highlight! Five old/youngtimers cruising on the highway and of course we could all keep up with modern traffic. Only the TE71 (currently an AE71 with 20v blacktop) had some difficulties now and then: who says a blown headgasket can keep you from going to a meeting? So he just filled up that radiator with some water now and then… ;)

Double Beat!
Double Beat!

These double Honda Beats sure look great! If you read my blog regularly you will recognize the red Honda Beat as the one I posted in the DOTS a few weeks ago! I spoke to the owner and he has an extensively large collection of cars and motorcycles and does indeed owns the FJ Cruiser. More on that later!

German Corolla AE86 in Haselbeck trim
German Corolla AE86 in Haselbeck trim

What’s so special about this German AE86 except for its AE86 vanity plate?

German Corolla AE86 with 401k on the odo!
German Corolla AE86 with 401k on the odo!

401k kilometer on the odo meter? Indeed: I spoke to the (young) owner who bought it only three weeks ago from the first owner! The first owner had the car for 27 years and drove 400k kilometers with it and then sold it off to this young lad. From the sound of the engine that 4AGE was still purring like a kitten! :)

More highlights tomorrow and on Saturday! In the meanwhile you can already have a look at the pictures here:
Japan Classic Sunday 2010 gallery

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