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Toyota 4AGE overview [JDM Trivia]

Today’s trivia is about the Toyota 4AGE. I will give you an overview of all the different 4A-GE models, how to recognize them, what their (basic) differences are and on which cars they were available.
4A-GE overview

All five Toyota 4A-GE NA generations

The video contains all five 4A-GE naturally aspirated generations: from the first 1983 bluetop 16 valve till the last 2000 blacktop 20 valve. We will go over each and every generation with their specifics. Some may have had changes since the previous generation, like the oil squirters in the 4AGE smallport.

I will skip over the details of the 4A-GZE and the TRD/Formula Atlantic engines as I will do a separate video on those engines. Watch the video below:


I hope I have made a clear overview of each and every model with this video. In the (near) future I’ll make a separate video on the supercharged 4A-GZE and the Formula Atlantic. If there is demand for, I’ll also make one covering the basic tuning/mods you can do to this engine.

Direct link to video: 4AGE Overview [JDM Trivia]

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  1. domi

    Hi Banpei,

    I just have some little thoughts on the video (which is great by the way, a nice, and complete summary of all the knowledge), hope you don’t mind :)
    1. The smallport indeed is a great engine, however if you want to build it and go above 200 bhp then you should probably use the bigport. According to Bill Sherwood’s page above 200 bhp the bigport is better because of having larger intake ports.

    2. VVT doesn’t use a stepper motor, it is an oil solenoid based simple system. Check out Bill’s page about this as well :)

    Cheers, and keep the videos coming if you can, I really like them!

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