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Carina Sightings: the beast vs the white lady

A couple of days ago I received an email from John Coakley with the subject “My two Carina GT-Rs!” and a link to a topic on Of course I immediately opened the link and found these two beautiful Carinas!
Two Carina AA63s!
So what’s better than owning one GT-R? Owning two GT-Rs!

So let’s kick off with the white one on the left:
Two Carina AA63s!
The white Carina GT-R is an almost factory stock, apart from the front seats. John bought the car in Ireland where two owners before him had owned the car, but never actually registered it in Ireland. The car didn’t come with the original seats so maybe one of the previous owners threw out the originals?

Even the engine is, apart from the open air filter, still 100% original:
Two Carina AA63s!
And I’m jealous on that “Twin Cam 16 Carina” badge! I did see some “Twin Cam 16” badges before, but I’ve never seen this particular badge ever!

Now the yellow beast is something different:
Two Carina AA63s!
You can immediately see from its aggressive stance some serious time has been put into this!
John visited Japan to attend an AE86 festival (Hachirock Festa by any chance?) and was taken to Andy Gray from, who exports drift cars out of Japan, and when he saw the engine bay he knew he had to buy it!

Two Carina AA63s!
Under the hood is a 4A-GE 20 valve blacktop engine with full engine management, ITBs with high velocy stacks and it revs all the way up to 9200 rpm!
As he states it revs like crazy, and frightens the living %&** out of me, any time I drove it!!!

Two Carina AA63s!
I would love to own either a factory stock Carina GT-R or a hard tuned one with a performance engine (20v black top for example) and John actually owns both of them! And the nice thing about owning both a yellow and white is that you can buy from Tomica the Limited Vintage NEO Carina GT-R in both colors!

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