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WTF: Guess the engine of this Hilux!

The first generation Toyota Hilux was a big improvement over the Toyota Stout: it was roomier, more luxurious and longer wheelbase.
Guess the engine Hilux RN10
The only thing it lacked was a potent engine, especially in the modern days it may look a bit archaic.

The owner of this Hilux solved that by swapping out the 12R engine for something else. Can you guess what it is?
4AGE engine in a Hilux RN10
WTF?! A 4AGE? That is the least expected engine in this Hilux: if you want to haul freight you need torque and not a rev-happy engine!
On the other side: imagine getting passed on the highway by a first generation Hilux revving at 7800 rpm! Would give me goosebumps!

Found at Sakayans Blog


  1. joe

    Hi My Friend:
    I was surprise with this big engine..
    In the Philippines I have 1968 toyota Hilux with a 2r engine.But it needs a overhaul
    .I would like to ask if you have a repair manual..
    Best Regards,

  2. carlos hemilove

    I have a 1971 Toyota hilux with a 3tc running on r1 carbs and a custom header I lowered it from the front by cutting the springs and then lowered the rear by adding some lowering blocks and got some grand marquis mesh rims and hellaflushed my baby

    • banpei

      Nice! :)
      Got any pictures to share? :P

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