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Video: The very first Best Motoring Hot Version

Last week I discovered Ka Ko (via Rocketpencil) who posts Best Motoring videos on an almost daily basis! :)
One of the gems he posted last week is the very first edition of Best Motoring Hot Version:
Video Best Motoring Hot Version first volume
As you can see there is a thrilling battle in this episode: the infamous Keiichi Tsuchiya battles with an (almost stock) Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 the (back then) brand new Toyota Corolla Levin GT Apex AE101 featuring the new 20 valve Silvertop 4AGE. The battle is very very close even though the AE101 has a lot more power under the bonnet!

What else can you expect from Best Motoring Hot Version Volume 1?
– Toyota Levin GT Apex AE101 vs Toyota Trueno GT-Z AE101 vs Honda Civic EF
– Toyota Levin GT Apex AE101 (superstrut) vs Toyota Levin GT Apex AE101 (non-superstrut)
– Toyota Levin GT Apex AE101 (superstrut) vs Toyota Levin AE86
– RX7 Drift vs Grip
– Group A Nissan Skyline GT-R cup with Keiichi Tsuchiya drifting his Taisan GT-R R32 on a wet Fuji Speedway!

Watch the full video below:

Especially the Toyota Levin GT Apex AE101 (superstrut) vs Toyota Levin AE86 battle is thrilling to watch. This is not Keiichi’s own AE86, but a bone stock kouki Corolla Levin GT-V AE86. That means it is not out powering nor out drifting the AE101. Keiichi really has difficulty keeping ahead of the AE101, especially in the corners. This proves that Toyota really were making great improvements in the handling of the front wheel driven Levin and Trueno line ups.

Update: since Ka Ko’s channel got suspended by Youtube, the originals were no longer available. Naturally the Best Motoring company has claimed their copyrights for these videos. The are slowly posting their own older material on Youtube, but it will take a while before they have shared everything.

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