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WTF: Practical Classics’s view on the AE82, AE86 and AW11

Every volume of Practical Classic columnist John Simister looks back at his older work, mainly involving cars that were back then brand new and nowadays potential classics. Today the June volume landed on my doormat and to my surprise I found the following column:
Practical Classics AE82 vs AE86 vs AW11
It is very funny to see John came to the conclusion the outcome of the original article did not reflect the reality at all:
On the shocking surfaces of the ride and handling course, the Coupe went to pieces while the other two shone.
Today the Coupe – code-named AE86 which is how the new GT86 got its name – is very rare and much prized by enthusiasts for its old-school driftability. The hatchback GT had practically vanished without a trace. And the MR2? … values should be heading for the stars, but they are not.

Given the fact that a good condition AE86 has a higher pricetag in the UK as the original showroom model, I’d dare to say that the Coupe (as the English call it) was the safest investment of the past 27 years! ;)

Carina Sightings: Boro turboed Carina whistling away

This video of a boro Carina AA63 at Nikko Circuit by ae86lan kind of shocked me! It wasn’t the state of the car that shocked me, but the gigantic turbo conversion that amazed me!

The bigport 4A-GE with TVIS has been converted with a custom turbo manifold. The exhaust feed probably did not fit anymore and the exhaust was rerouted to the roof of the car. Also note the blowoff-valve with a whistle ducktaped to it! Damn, now that’s boro!

Carina Sightings: drifting in the nineties

A Carina AA63 drifting on Ebisu Circuit West Course followed by two zenki Levin AE86s, I couldn’t have thought of a better lineup myself!
Carina drifting in the nineties
Carina drifting in the nineties

The picture was taken in the mid nineties when drifting was taking a huge ramp-up and Initial D just skyrocketed in sales. The AE86 was suddenly a very popular car and the Carina was a very undervalued car. Lucky enough someone got the sanity to buy this AA63 and drift the hell out of it!

Small detail: the last AE86 was powered by a 7A-GZE. Pretty radical mod back in those days! ;)

Found at [California Expedition]

Peek-a-boo: a 240HP 4AGE

One of the most powerful NA 4AGE engines ever: the Formula Atlantic 4AGE engine!
Peek-a-boo: a 240HP 4AGE!
Peek-a-boo: a 240HP 4AGE!

A lot of people confuse this engine with the 20 valve silvertop used in the infamous panda Trueno in some wellknown anime series: it is not the same engine! The Formula Atlantic has been a 16 valve throughout its 15 year career in these series while the 20 valve TRD silvertop was used in the Japanese counterpart used in Group A.

Found at [graham1885’s photos]

Hilarious: AE86 and JZZ30 air drift

JRotaro posted this very funny video of a guy doing air drifts in the Nikko Circuit paddock/bar. Especially the AE86 (NA 4AGE) is spot on and the JZZ30 is simply hilarious! What else can you expect from a group of drifters who solely breath through their 4AGEs! :D

I suspect it is 86jnosakuretu48te who did this marvelous performance. ;)

jrotaro did post a few vids of the AE86 air drifts before:

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