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Peek-a-boo: a 240HP 4AGE

One of the most powerful NA 4AGE engines ever: the Formula Atlantic 4AGE engine!
Peek-a-boo: a 240HP 4AGE!
Peek-a-boo: a 240HP 4AGE!

A lot of people confuse this engine with the 20 valve silvertop used in the infamous panda Trueno in some wellknown anime series: it is not the same engine! The Formula Atlantic has been a 16 valve throughout its 15 year career in these series while the 20 valve TRD silvertop was used in the Japanese counterpart used in Group A.

Found at [graham1885’s photos]


  1. Nigel

    I have seen this car race at the Molson Indy here in Canada.
    Now its the Toronto Indy.
    Very quick cars !!
    (Q107 is a local station).

  2. luke

    No such thing as a 20v Silvertop, all silvertops are 16v. Blacktop is 20v.
    So this is not a 4AGE 16v engine?

    • banpei

      Fourth Generation “Silver Top”
      The fourth-generation 4A-GE engine was produced from 1991 to 1995. It has silver cam covers with chrome lettering, hence the nickname “silver top”.

      And the Formula Atlantic engine in the picture is definitely a 16v and not a 20v. Just open it fully and enlarge it and you will read “twin cam 16 valve”. The two engine heads are very different from each other. As my posting said: the Formula Atlantic is not the one used in Initial D as the Formula Atlantic is a 16V engine. Whatever Wikipedia says about Initial D using the same engine as the Formula Atlantic is wrong as they clearly refer to that engine as a 20V engine and it also clearly features the 20V head.

      This is the wrong quote:
      Toyota sponsored the Champ Car Atlantic Championship from 1990 to 2005. A kit version of the 4A-GE 20-Valve from Toyota Racing Development was used to power Formula Atlantic cars during this period. This engine used a modified 16-valve head and produced approximately 240 bhp (179 kW) at 8,400 rpm, revving out up to 12,000 rpm – although such an engine would only last a couple races before requiring a full rebuild. This engine was featured as a plot turning device in the popular Japanese manga and anime series Initial D and is often referred to as a “monster” engine by street racers in the series.

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