Carina Sightings: drifting in the nineties

A Carina AA63 drifting on Ebisu Circuit West Course followed by two zenki Levin AE86s, I couldn’t have thought of a better lineup myself!
Carina drifting in the nineties
Carina drifting in the nineties

The picture was taken in the mid nineties when drifting was taking a huge ramp-up and Initial D just skyrocketed in sales. The AE86 was suddenly a very popular car and the Carina was a very undervalued car. Lucky enough someone got the sanity to buy this AA63 and drift the hell out of it!

Small detail: the last AE86 was powered by a 7A-GZE. Pretty radical mod back in those days! 😉

Found at [California Expedition]