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DOTS: Polish Carina TA60

Okay, I have to admit: I cheated here… I did not spot this Carina at all. Instead David emailed some days ago me he has an extensive Toyota collection including a good looking Carina TA60: Polish Carina TA60 So I cheated a bit to keep the DOTS in the Carina Week theme. 🙁 Polish Carina…

Carina week: Carina AA63 at MSC

I found this just-after-clipping-point drift image of the Carina AA63 at the Inland Sea round of the MSC and it blew my mind away: Carina AA63 at MSC The blog I found it on gave it the title Masterpiece. I think he hit the hammer on the head with that title! 😉 Found at [Hatiroku]

Carina Sightings: drifting in the nineties

A Carina AA63 drifting on Ebisu Circuit West Course followed by two zenki Levin AE86s, I couldn’t have thought of a better lineup myself! Carina drifting in the nineties The picture was taken in the mid nineties when drifting was taking a huge ramp-up and Initial D just skyrocketed in sales. The AE86 was suddenly…

Carina week: Carinas (and a Corona) at MSC

I already posted about the Corona/Carina/Carina trio competing in the MSC tandem drift almost a year ago. A few weeks back Killian O’Brien posted this promo video of the 2007 MSC DVD on the Banpei.net page featuring them as well: If you watch closely you can see them drift by a couple of times! 🙂