It’s Friday, so I have another video for you! I was doubting whether I should post this under the Rustoseums or the Friday Video category. I chose the latter because it is quite a lengthy video to watch! Dino Dalle Carbonare, Dino DC on Youtube, is a quite famous car photographer who works and lives in Japan. He posts regularly on Speedhunters, but nowadays he also is more active on Youtube.

Abandoned Japanese cars in Tokyo

A few weeks ago he posted this video about the abandoned Japanese cars he encounters on a daily basis. This is quite similar to what Daniel O’Grady has been dedicating his entire channel to, but for Dino this is quite a side step. As Dino lives near Tokyo, most of these cars are found in the greater Tokyo area.

Toyota MR2 AW11

The most notable car in the whole video is the abandoned MR2 in the center of Tokyo. It has been six years since Dino posted about this car on Speedhunters and nothing has changed. The MR2 is still there. It hasn’t moved an inch. The Castrol oil canisters are still tucked underneath the rear bumper. It’s sad to see.

Dino describes that he even spoke to the owner. The owner is very attached to his AW11 MR2 and keeps it because of this reason. I can relate to that and I’d wish I would have kept my very first AE86. Unfortunately that was only possible in a similar way as the owner of this MR2. If I had to choose between keeping it as a pile of rust or passing it on to someone else to enjoy, I would definitely choose the latter!

Nissan Skyline 2000 GTX

The next most notable car (in my opinion) is the Kenmeri Skyline 2000 GTX. It must have been such a lovely car where the owner put a lot of time, effort and money into. Such a shame to see it slowly rust away on that parking lot! It could have been saved if the owner would have passed it on to someone else. But then again, like the MR2, the owner is probably very attached to this car.

There are many more cars to be seen, including a GT-R, NSX, BMW E30 M3 and an FD. Especially that FD left abandoned in a field is just bind boggling! Who would do that? Just check out the video and enjoy the sadness!