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Friday Video: Dino Dalle Carbonare’s insane abandoned Japanese cars

It’s Friday, so I have another video for you! I was doubting whether I should post this under the Rustoseums or the Friday Video category. I chose the latter because it is quite a lengthy video to watch! Dino Dalle Carbonare, Dino DC on Youtube, is a quite famous car photographer who works and lives in Japan. He posts regularly on Speedhunters, but nowadays he also is more active on Youtube.

Abandoned Japanese cars in Tokyo

A few weeks ago he posted this video about the abandoned Japanese cars he encounters on a daily basis. This is quite similar to what Daniel O’Grady has been dedicating his entire channel to, but for Dino this is quite a side step. As Dino lives near Tokyo, most of these cars are found in the greater Tokyo area.

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Carina Sightings: N-Style Toyota Carina AA63 at Speedhunters

I have no idea what has gotten into Dino Dalle Carbonare but lately he seems to be very much into the Toyota Carina AA63! He proved this by posting the N-Style Carina earlier this week on Speedhunters:
N-Style Toyota Carina AA63
The N-Style Carina certainly has seen an overhaul since the last time I posted about it: two tone paintscheme, wilder camber and deeper dish!

I certainly like the new two tone paint scheme! Continue reading

Carina Sightings: Carina Firevan at Hellaflush FISCO

The Carina Firevan footage I found earlier was shot at the Hellaflush meeting at FISCO organized by Fatlace! @Fatlace: you guys did a great job!

Anyway, I did find some photos of the meeting at both Nori Yaro and Speedhunters and thought it would be nice to share them with you. I especially like the one shot by Alexi from Nori Yaro:
Carina Firevan at Fuji Speedway by Nori Yaro
The mise en scene has something omnious…

But the photo by Dino Dalle Carbonare of Speedhunters is a very nice one as well: Continue reading

Carina sightings: Black Carina AA63 on Nikko Circuit

Found this nice Carina AA63 GT-R dirft video on Youtube today:

Since the video was taken from the roof of a car and the camera was a cheap Chinese knock off you may want to turn down the volume: it is nothing more than wind noise!

As you can see the Carina looks a bit like a drift missile: beaten up on all sides and literally covered in stickers and patches. It still does its job as it should: going sideways on Nikko Circuit!

Some of you may already have noticed: this is indeed the black Carina GT-R Mike Garrett covered on Speedhunters over one year ago!

Carina Sightings: Another Toyota Carina GT-R AA63 on Speedhunters

Mike Garrett came across another Toyota Carina AA63 in a drift competition. This time he saw it at the HKS Premium day on the Fuji Speedway:
Carina GT-R AA63 at HKS premium day drift event
Carina GT-R AA63 at HKS premium day drift event

Compare it to the Carina AA63 he spotted before on Tsukuba circuit:
Black Carina GT-R AA63 on Tsukuba circuit drifting
Black Carina GT-R AA63 on Tsukuba circuit drifting

As you can see the Tsukuba Carina is a much more low budget drifter than the Fuji Speedway Carina: less bodyparts, no airdam, bend hood, single wiper, missing headlight and the Fuji Speedway Carina has way less stickers. Personally I like the Tsukuba Carina more eventhough it looks less pretty: it is more beaten up which makes it more charming IMO. On the other hand the Fuji Speedway Carina drifts a much smoother line…

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