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Carina sightings: Black Carina AA63 on Nikko Circuit

Found this nice Carina AA63 GT-R dirft video on Youtube today:

Since the video was taken from the roof of a car and the camera was a cheap Chinese knock off you may want to turn down the volume: it is nothing more than wind noise!

As you can see the Carina looks a bit like a drift missile: beaten up on all sides and literally covered in stickers and patches. It still does its job as it should: going sideways on Nikko Circuit!

Some of you may already have noticed: this is indeed the black Carina GT-R Mike Garrett covered on Speedhunters over one year ago!


  1. Kevin Lee

    Hey banpei

    this is out of topic, but are u from JNC, thought i saw you there. just dropping by and saying hi. happy new year to you

  2. banpei

    I do have an account on JNC forum and occasionally comment on the blogs.
    Happy new year to you as well! :)

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