Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Only in Japan: find a Mazda Cosmo

I did find some cars down the street already, but this can only happen in Japan:
Mazda Cosmo
Mazda Cosmo

Someone just passed this Mazda Cosmo parked in some building on his holiday trip! And if you squint your eyes you can even make out a Citroën DS behind the Cosmo!

Now what are the odds you will see those two amazing 60s cars at the same time? Amazing!!


  1. Alan

    A garage of high tech vintage dreams.

  2. banpei

    LOL! :D
    Imagine what else must be parked there! A Citroen SM? A Toyota Soarer? A Honda CR-Z? :P

  3. Jammes Pierre

    Is that in Japan ? Where ? I’d like to know more about it, as I “collect” the DS in Asia… See Thanks, Pierre

    • banpei

      According to the original source he was on his way to Toyama city.

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