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Is the rotating Suzuki Alto seat the most sexist thing?

My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw this Suzuki Alto CA71 with a rotating driver seat. It didn’t drop to the floor because it is weird or odd (yet it is!), but actually because the ad suggests it as a sexist thing! How can a swiveling chair be a sexist thing? Are we…

Japanese Rustoseums: Lamborghini Silhouette P300 rustoseum

Only in Japan you can find a rusty Lamborghini Silhouette P300 rotting away: It is 1 out of 12 RHD built cars and the total production run was 52 cars! Behind it you can also spot an Alfa Romeo Zagato RZ. Madness! Found at: Med-i

Only in Japan: wreck a Chaser Avante JZX81 for fun

This can only happen in Japan: national television wrecking a perfectly fine Chaser Avante JZX81 for entertainment purposes only… Direct link to video: ??????????

Only in Japan: Beat and Countach gathers dust

Obviously only in Japan this could have happened: How can you just leave your Honda Beat gather dust like this, let alone that poor Countach… Lucky enough the Countach is just a replica. 😉 Direct link to video: ?????????????????????

Only in Japan: spot a Nissan 240RS in the wild

Okay, maybe not 100% true: you can certainly spot a 240RS outside Japan, but probably not on the open roads! Outside Japan normally these cars end up somewhere in the corner of a museum or only be driven on circuits while the Japanese actually are very fond of driving heritage out on the open roads….

Only in Japan: find a Mazda Cosmo

I did find some cars down the street already, but this can only happen in Japan: Mazda Cosmo Someone just passed this Mazda Cosmo parked in some building on his holiday trip! And if you squint your eyes you can even make out a Citroën DS behind the Cosmo! Now what are the odds you…