Brochures: 1971 Suzuki Fronte LC10 II Stingray Sports kit

June 25, 2014 in brochures

Even before Suzuki released the Suzuki Fronte Coupe they already made the existing (facelifted) Suzuki Fronte LC10 II (as known as the Stingray) look more sporty with this sports kit:
Suzuki Fronte LC10 II Stingray sports kit
I must say this Sukuki Fronte LC10 SSS really looks bad ass!

As the SSS already had a very potent 36hp engine (not bad for a 360cc air cooled engine!) so the sports kit only included exterior and interior upgrades: Read the rest of this entry →

Hilarious: Birdman’s Suzuki Fronte SSS

May 11, 2014 in hilarious

As a child I loved the Birdman and the Galaxy Trio cartoons by Hanna Barbara. Birdman is capable of flying and shooting solar beams out of his fists. So when I spotted this cover of a 1971 Suzuki Fronte SSS brochure I really wondered why Birdman needed a car anyway?
Hilarious: Birdman's Suzuki Fronte
Or could it be that the Suzuki Fronte SSS is actually faster than Birdman?

Found at: Minkara

Picture of the week: cutaway Suzuki Fronte Coupe LC10W

April 29, 2014 in picture of the week

The Suzuki Fronte Coupe LC10W (predecessor of the Suzuki Cervo) is a beautifully designed car by Giugiaro and it gets even better in this cutaway picture from the original 1972 brochure:
Cutaway Suzuki Front Coupe 1972
Imagine the work and effort taken to draw this picture: back in 1972 there was no Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. And even today with Photoshop it would be a gigantic effort to draw anything like this!

Found at: Suzuki Cervo history

WTF: Suzuki Mighty Boy GT-R

June 5, 2010 in WTF

I came across this GT-R faced Suzuki Mighty Boy during one of my image googling sessions…
WTF: Suzuki Mighty Boy GT-R
WTF: Suzuki Mighty Boy GT-R

The Suzuki Mighty Boy SS40T is a UTE version of the Suzuki Cervo SS40 (a Coupe version of the Fronte) and apparently this GT-R conversion was done with some fake parts… Identity crisis anyone?

Found on [TMR Tuned]

DOTS: 1985 Suzuki Alto SS40

November 1, 2009 in dots

This one is especially for Beeoneoneoh!
Suzuki Alto SS40 (Suzuki Fronte)
Suzuki Alto SS40 (Suzuki Fronte)

Normally I just take pictures of every “old” J-tin I come by and it just sits there in a directory on my harddrive. Normally it will never come out again, but every since I read his posting about his SS40 fetish I really had to post this one. 😉

Suzuki Alto SS40 (Suzuki Fronte)
Suzuki Alto SS40 (Suzuki Fronte)

This particular SS40 looked like it belongs to an old lady: it had everything from pictures of (grand)children on its dash till the sheepcloth cover for the steering wheel! And it only travelled 60000 kilometers!

According to the vehicle registration site it was sold to a new owner two years ago, so sale from granny to granny?

The car is practically rust free, except for this hole:
Suzuki Alto SS40 (Suzuki Fronte)
Suzuki Alto SS40 (Suzuki Fronte)

Probably once had a scratch and then deteriorated during its 24 years lifetime.

Another flaw was the front bumper:
Suzuki Alto SS40 (Suzuki Fronte)
Suzuki Alto SS40 (Suzuki Fronte)

Some mild damage deformed it but actually it is like nothing compared to most 24 year old cars!

So, there is only one way to save it properly: slam it to the ground with a set of SSR Mk II rims and add some fender mirrors and a big noisy exhaust to make it complete!