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For sale: My JDMish Toyota Carina 1.6 DX TA60

I made a tough decision last Monday: my Carina is for sale!
My Carina DX TA60 is for sale!
The reason why? Well I got an offer for a (project) car that I can’t refuse. ;)
My goal is to sell the whole as one lot, but if some buyer decides not to buy all the parts/JDM stuff I’ll put that here for sale seperately. So what does the whole package include?

Toyota Carina 1.6 DX TA60 Automatic
Built: 1982 (July)
Color: white (cream)
Mileage: 91874 km
Interior: black/cream white

The Carina has always had its checkups at a Toyota dealer and looks great for its age, but naturally there are some small points of attention: white stains on the windshield (outside viewing range so no MOT problem), rust on C-pilar near the left rear door, small parking dent on the right rear door but there is no scratch in the paint (some unknown person bumped into mine on a parkinglot and left without leaving a note).

The car has APK (Dutch MOT) till 7th of July 2013, exhaust has been replaced three years ago, waterpump last year and the car had its 90000 km checkup at the Toyota dealer October last year.
During the 90000 km checkup rust was revealed in the rear inner fenders and early 2013 this has been professionally fixed (by 2mmm sheetmetal) and the floorpan is now solid and rust free.
APK will naturally be prolonged by 2 years.


  • 15 inch Celica Supra mk2 rims with Falken ZIEX 912 195/60R15 tires (5mm profile)
  • Toyota Corolla AE86 steering wheel (GT Twincam 16)
  • 2 three point seatbelts and 1 hip seatbelt in the rear (kidsfriendly!)
  • JDM Toyota Soarer MZ10 centercaps
  • JDM tail lights (originals are easily restored)
  • JDM License plate holder
  • JDM Carina mudflaps at the read (got a Carina logo)
  • Koni shocks (yellow) ar the front (replaced 4 years ago)
  • Original Toyota cassette radio with automagic antenna
  • Yellow Marchal foglights

Extra parts (not mounted on the car):

  • Original TA60 steel rims with centercaps
  • Original tail lights
  • Koni shocks (red) to be mounted on the rear axle
  • New disk rotors
  • JDM AA63 Gauge cluster (including tacho, oil pressure, etc)
  • JDM quad headlights (needs work)
  • Various new old stock panels: front fenders left and right, rear quarter panel right, bootlid and front valance
  • New old stock read bumper
  • New old stock EUDM grill
  • Diamond shaped JDM grill of an AA60 ST
  • Rebuilt JDM quad headlight grille and surrounding
  • Shabby JDM quad headlight grille and surrounding
  • FOHA spoilerset from the early 80s (front air dam and bootlid spoiler)
  • Rebuilt TA40 gearbox (T50, 5 speed)
  • Celica TA40 propshaft
  • Celica TA40 flywheel
  • Celica TA40 dual carb (2TB)
  • A lot of small parts like extra sidelights and such

Asking price: 3950 euro
Price with or without parts is negotiable.

Apparently the contact form was broken for a while. Just fixed it…


  1. Stefan

    Gotto say that´s cheap considering the work done and condition! What project car are you buying, maybe a post about it soon? :)

    • banpei

      Thanks and I know… However not many people are willing to pay the full price, especially if they are not keen on the JDM stuff. ;)
      Once I have anything more conclusive I’ll post something on the upcoming project.

  2. gred

    :(…well,whats your next project then?

    • banpei

      Nothing concrete or official yet… But think of something starting with an A and ending with 86. :P

      • gred

        ae86?… :/ thats too mainstream,i would rather keep this :P

        • banpei

          Hehe… I know. It has been on my mind to turn this Carina into a four door AE86 (e.g. swap and retain the live axle) but for some reason there always comes something in between preventing this…

  3. refuse compactors

    I thought they would make the wheels stand out a bit. I managed to find a set of used ones in perfect condition for $20 shipped on ebay. When I went to put them on I realized the car had a set of McGuard wheel lock bolts on it, after tearing through the car I realized that the key was there, however I have had nothing but bad luck with wheel locks and the keys, so I ordered 4 new wheel bolts, and removed the wheel locks while taking off the wheels to change the center caps.

  4. edison

    Hi Banpei. I wish I Could buy it…but import it to my country (Panama) would costs as much as twice te sale price. sale parts like the AA60 cluster, foha spoiler set, door panels, Celica wheels?. Name a price an let me know.
    If don’t remember me, you posted my Bafo’s lowered carina youtube video last year.

    • banpei

      Hi Bafo! Thanks for the heads up!
      I actually decided not to sell the Carina in the end. All I got were very low bids and the youngtimer car market in the Netherlands collapsed to due new legislation. Basically for an non-collector the car is worth next to nothing now.

  5. edison

    Also interested in tail lights jdm or oem

  6. silas manirakiza

    hello is it possible to get a car carina ta 60?

  7. silas manirakiza

    is it possible toget a ta40 carina?

  8. silas manirakiza

    is it possible toget a ta40 carina?
    If yes someone can tell me the details on [email protected]

  9. madura

    iwant to buy aa60 parts pls help me

    • banpei

      Hi Madura,

      I don’t have many parts and I don’t know if I’m nearby, but what part would you need?


  10. umar

    Hi I am looking for the 1.6 ta60 electric ignition distributor for the carina that fits the 2tb does anyone know where I can get hold of 1??

    • banpei

      Never seen one for sale, but I reckon if you ask around someone must have one as a spare

  11. Rizvi

    Hi I need carina aa60 side mirror and left side signal light with headlight frame, anyone know where I can find

  12. gary

    hi iam looking some body panells can any one help

  13. gary

    hi iam looking some body panells can any one help toyota ta60 carina

  14. Jadeo Cato

    I need the corner lights/blinkers for my Toyota Carina TA60

    • banpei

      Which ones are you looking for? The single or double/quad headlight corner lights?

  15. Masood usman

    Hi i want the parking(indicators) lights of carina aa69

  16. Masood usman

    Hi i want the parking(indicators) lights of carina aa60

  17. Isuru

    hi dear,
    can i find toyota carina AA60 front grill ?

  18. Djuma

    Je vais carina Ta 40 manuel

  19. Maciek

    Hi mate! You still got those front fenders? I would be interested in buying them with shipping to Poland included. How much? Thanks!

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