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For sale: My JDMish Toyota Carina 1.6 DX TA60

I made a tough decision last Monday: my Carina is for sale!
My Carina DX TA60 is for sale!
The reason why? Well I got an offer for a (project) car that I can’t refuse. ;)
My goal is to sell the whole as one lot, but if some buyer decides not to buy all the parts/JDM stuff I’ll put that here for sale seperately. So what does the whole package include?

Toyota Carina 1.6 DX TA60 Automatic
Built: 1982 (July)
Color: white (cream)
Mileage: 91874 km
Interior: black/cream white

The Carina has always had its checkups at a Toyota dealer and looks great for its age, but naturally there are some small points of attention: white stains on the windshield (outside viewing range so no MOT problem), rust on C-pilar near the left rear door, small parking dent on the right rear door but there is no scratch in the paint (some unknown person bumped into mine on a parkinglot and left without leaving a note).

The car has APK (Dutch MOT) till 7th of July 2013, exhaust has been replaced three years ago, waterpump last year and the car had its 90000 km checkup at the Toyota dealer October last year.
During the 90000 km checkup rust was revealed in the rear inner fenders and early 2013 this has been professionally fixed (by 2mmm sheetmetal) and the floorpan is now solid and rust free.
APK will naturally be prolonged by 2 years.


  • 15 inch Celica Supra mk2 rims with Falken ZIEX 912 195/60R15 tires (5mm profile)
  • Toyota Corolla AE86 steering wheel (GT Twincam 16)
  • 2 three point seatbelts and 1 hip seatbelt in the rear (kidsfriendly!)
  • JDM Toyota Soarer MZ10 centercaps
  • JDM tail lights (originals are easily restored)
  • JDM License plate holder
  • JDM Carina mudflaps at the read (got a Carina logo)
  • Koni shocks (yellow) ar the front (replaced 4 years ago)
  • Original Toyota cassette radio with automagic antenna
  • Yellow Marchal foglights

Extra parts (not mounted on the car):

  • Original TA60 steel rims with centercaps
  • Original tail lights
  • Koni shocks (red) to be mounted on the rear axle
  • New disk rotors
  • JDM AA63 Gauge cluster (including tacho, oil pressure, etc)
  • JDM quad headlights (needs work)
  • Various new old stock panels: front fenders left and right, rear quarter panel right, bootlid and front valance
  • New old stock read bumper
  • New old stock EUDM grill
  • Diamond shaped JDM grill of an AA60 ST
  • Rebuilt JDM quad headlight grille and surrounding
  • Shabby JDM quad headlight grille and surrounding
  • FOHA spoilerset from the early 80s (front air dam and bootlid spoiler)
  • Rebuilt TA40 gearbox (T50, 5 speed)
  • Celica TA40 propshaft
  • Celica TA40 flywheel
  • Celica TA40 dual carb (2TB)
  • A lot of small parts like extra sidelights and such

Asking price: 3950 euro
Price with or without parts is negotiable.

Apparently the contact form was broken for a while. Just fixed it…

Carina Sightings: Lucky Seven!

Today I own my TA60 Carina for exactly three years! I bought it on the seventh of the seventh of the seventh (07-07-2007), so in other words: lucky seven! This is what the car looked like when I bought it:
When I bought the Carina TA60
When I bought the Carina TA60

You can even see my old AE86 parked in front of it!

I bought the car after my girlfriend (in the meanwhile she became my wife) became pregnant of our son. When test fitting the child seats in the AE86 it was clear that the only way to fit the child seat was to put it in the front seat. Since everyone trying to sit in the back of the AE86 was complaining about every speedbump I took, cramps and more of that I realized it would be impossible to keep the AE86. So I tried to find a four door Cressida, Corona or Carina and found this Carina in a good deal. Basically the TA60 Carina can be considered a four door AE86 with a puny engine: it has (almost) the same axle, the same gearbox, the same steering rack, same front struts and the only difference is the absence of a 4AGE and a LSD!

Carina TA60 Enginebay: the indestructible 2T engine!
Carina TA60 Enginebay: the indestructible 2T engine!

About the Carina itself: when I bought it it had only 73000 kilometers on the odometer. It had been imported from Germany and I am the third owner of the car. The car belonged to elderly people living near Koln and the car is exactly how you would expect elderly people to buy a car in the early 80s: lowest spec possible and automatic. :(
Actually the car having an automatic gearbox saved the Carina from being exported to Africa: they only want manual cars for export to Africa.

Celica Supra (Celica XX) wheels
Celica Supra (Celica XX) wheels

The car is basically still the same as when I bought it: it still has the same engine, autobox and open diff. Only upgrades done were shocks, brakes (mintex up front), Marchal yellow foglights and Celica XX alloys. I do have plans for engine and gearbox swap, but I still haven’t made up my mind yet on which engine and gearbox… Could be a 4AGE, 2TG or even an 18R-G.

My Carina: Marchal yellow foglights
My Carina: Marchal yellow foglights

Normally it is impossible to get it sideways, but on rainy days this car is a hoot and I love it when I manage to get it sliding! Also people do not expect such an old clunker to do stuff like that and certainly not a family car! The car learned me much more than the AE86 could ever have done! ;)

The Carina brought me luck so far: never had to spend large sums of money on it and it only failed on me once because I neglected to buy gas in time… Currently the age of the car is showing its toll: the bootlid and the roof have start to show some rust so there is definitely a need for a respray sometime soon!

And this is how the Carina looked this morning at 6:00:
Carina TA60 headlight and foglight
Carina TA60 headlight and foglight

She is cheerful, isn’t she?

Need car guidance? Toyota Soarer 2.8 GT Limited

Remember the Car Guidance video of the Honda City I posted two weeks ago? Well, there is a whole series of Car Guidance videos and they are dull, boring and only focused on how to handle the car in a normal way.

So I will just bore you with them as well:

Actually this video about the Soarer GT Limited isn’t that boring: I already spotted the badass 80s Carozzeria speakers at the shelve in the back of that Soarer. I also love those Soarer wheels: they are basically the same as the ones on my Carina (Celica Supra rims) but they have a different centercaps with a griffin (logo of the Soarer) on it.

Also great are the numerous switches on the steering wheel: but what can you adjust? The auto gearbox? The airbag suspension?

And what about the exciting ending? 11PM… Kitty bedtime?! :D

Toyota Soarer Z1 rims

On a Celica Supra forum I found a topic about a Japanese Celica XX Meeting. For those who don’t know the Celica XX: outside Japan it got sold as the Celica Supra MK2, also known as the MA6x and the GA6x. So it shares the same platform as the Celica and Carina A6.

I this topic I found a picture of one Celica XX wearing Toyota Soarer MK1 rims:
JDM Toyota Soarer MK1 Z1 rims, same as Celica Supra rims but with different centercaps

Normally I would have called them “Celica Supra rims”, just like I did with my rims on the Carina. Technically they aren’t Celica Supra rims since they featured on the Celica, Carina and Soarer as well.

Anyway, as you can see the Soarer rims have the Soarer logo (a griffin) on the centercaps instead of the Toyota logo on the normal rims. Of course I love to have these centercaps on my rims as well! Anyone got a set of those centercaps lying around?? ;)

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