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JAF2013: The AEU86 spot and more AE86s!

Yesterday I already shared this photo:
JAF 2013: The six hachis of AEU86
And the reason for reposting it now is that I actually forgot to take photos of two important hachis: Oldskull’s and Mark’s three door hatchback Levins! This one does include Oldskull’s AE86 but not Mark’s.

Anyway, ChiKin was by far the youngest of the group but managed to attract most attention with his white panda zenki Sprinter Trueno GT Apex:
JAF 2013: Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex AE86
Put a Fujiwara Tofu sticker on the driverside door, swap the wheels for a set of 8 spoke Watanabes and you have your copy right here. ;)

Another attraction was Aram’s 3S-GE BEAMS powered 2 door coupe:
JAF 2013: Toyota Corolla GT AE86
Even though he finalized his project only a few months ago he still keeps improving the car. He had a pair of front struts in his car to do a short stroke conversion to improve the ride handling. Also he re-registered the car at the RDW (handing out license and registration of the car) with the 3S-GE. So this AE86 is now an official 2 litre car. Not that it matters that much in the Netherlands…

Its evil nemesis (or its source for inspiration) was parked right next to it:
JAF 2013: Toyota Corolla GT AE86
Vincent’s 3S-GE BEAMS hachi was first but Aram decided upon the BEAMS conversion long before…

Robokill’s hachi has been featured in the past:
JAF 2013: Toyota Corolla GT AE86
And I still like the 8A9 color of his car! If I ever would own another hachi I would seriously consider it being this color…

Then the two non-hachis at the AEU86 spot:
JAF 2013: Two Carina TA60s
Two Carina TA60s! Now the one on the right is factory OEM+JDM and the one on the left is EUDM+dropped a few inches. Which one would you prefer? :P
Actually I would prefer the merger of both! :D

Then Toyota Noord featured a couple of hachis where these two were the most beautiful:
JAF 2013: Toyota Corolla GT AE86
This 2 door couple got me puzzled a bit. The wheels are clearly 14 inch Celica Supra items. However they are not the concave dished 7J items we are familiar with. But they are actually about as flat as my 15 inch 6J wheels… Weird… Could there have been a difference between zenki and kouki Celica Supra P-Type cars?

JAF 2013: Toyota Corolla GT AE86
And this hachi is actually quite well known on AEU86. It is the only surviving original 3 door delivered in the Netherlands, so extremely rare…


  1. PunkFriday

    the celica wheels you are wondering about may be carroll shelby racing wheels, i have a set but the center caps should say shelby.

    • banpei

      Just learned a lot more about these wheels and I definitely like to get more info on the Carrol Shelby Toyota van. ;)

  2. Tom


    The 86 with the celica wheels is mine, ill don’t no where they exactly came from. I bought the wheels from the guy with the white celica on our stand. The wheels are 5j and the centre caps say toyota.

    • banpei

      5J? Then they are even less wide than I thought they were. Starts to get a real puzzle now. ;)

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