Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Need car guidance? Toyota Soarer 2.8 GT Limited

Remember the Car Guidance video of the Honda City I posted two weeks ago? Well, there is a whole series of Car Guidance videos and they are dull, boring and only focused on how to handle the car in a normal way.

So I will just bore you with them as well:

Actually this video about the Soarer GT Limited isn’t that boring: I already spotted the badass 80s Carozzeria speakers at the shelve in the back of that Soarer. I also love those Soarer wheels: they are basically the same as the ones on my Carina (Celica Supra rims) but they have a different centercaps with a griffin (logo of the Soarer) on it.

Also great are the numerous switches on the steering wheel: but what can you adjust? The auto gearbox? The airbag suspension?

And what about the exciting ending? 11PM… Kitty bedtime?! :D


  1. Thomas

    it’s the cruise control controls :P

  2. banpei

    Thanks! :)
    I didn’t think of that! Quite stupid I guess! ;)

  3. Thomas

    well, it’s not THAT stupid, i’ve only seen it on an MA70 Supra before, most of the times, it’s in the stalks ;)

  4. Rama

    All these videos cant be seen anymore. What happened.

    • banpei

      Either the account of the original poster has been removed or the copyright was claimed on Youtube. I have not found a substitute yet

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