Count the Toyota 2000GTs in this picture!

December 28, 2012 in count by banpei

Sorry for the small scale, but this picture was taken from Minkara and is too amazing not to post:
Count the Toyota 2000GTs in this picture!
In case you really want to count them: you can include the Toyota 2000GT SEV in the foreground. 😉

Just imagine the amount of money this lineup is worth: the 2000GT averages somewhere around the $400,000 dollars (the Carroll Shelby is an outlier) and I counted at least 12 of them and the line just continues. 12 times $400,000 is just short of $5,000,000 dollar!

To put this a bit into perspective, have a look at this amazing Toyota Corona T140 lineup:
Count the Toyota Corona T140s
How much would that lineup be worth? 😀

Both pictures were taken at the Toyota Motorsports Festival on Fuji International Speedway.

Found at Minkara