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Toyota 2000GT ReBORN into a SEV

Last week I already spotted a few pictures (and posts) about this crazy project at the Tokyo Auto Salon: someone is turning a Toyota 2000GT into a solar powered electrical vehicle!
Crazy car project: Toyota 2000GT SEV
The engine fitted is a 161hp electrical engine, so it keeps the power roughly the same. The hood and rear window are both a solar power panel and charge the batteries while you drive. And the car is still capable of driving over 200 km/h. Just imagine: a 45 year old super rare car (only 337 build!) is converted to an electrical equivalent!

The best news is that I found a video about the project:

I just love the idea of turning a 30+ year old car into a green project!

You can see more of this project on their dedicated page or Facebook page.

Direct link to the video: here

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  1. Nitro

    Damn, that’s just WRONG! It’s a collectible classic and it should stay the same it came off factory! Drive your green shitty priuses and stuff and keep your electrical shit out of PROPER cars!..

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