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Family Album Treasures: just as old as dads Soarer!

For some reason you don’t see too many Soarers in the Family Album Treasures. I think the average Soarer owner is just too snobbish to stand in front of their Soarer. But this one is actually exceptionally good:
Just as old as dads GZ10 Soarer
I love the way the little girl on the right points out that her baby brother is just as old as dads GZ10 Soarer. ;)

Also note that this Soarer features the rare original Toyota (PIAA) foldaway foglights. The covers just fold upwards when you engage them and I seriously would loooove to get my hands on a set of them!

Found at Minkara

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  1. Brad

    I love Z10/20s I plan on importing one to the US soon actually.

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