Carina Sightings: JCCA New Year Meeting 2012

I *still* haven’t found a photo of this red Carina TA63 at the JCCA NYM 2012 in the background of this picture:

But that doesn’t matter: there was enough other material for me!

For instance this amazing shakotan Carina RA45:
Carina RA45 hardtop coupe at JCCA NYM 2012
I think it pops up every year at the JCCA NYM. 😉

Also this Corona T140 taxi is a NYM regular:
Corona T140 taxi at JCCA NYM 2012
And, of course, almost a Carina. 😉

If I find a decent image of that TA63 it will definitely be posted here! 🙂