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Carina Sightings: 1994 Toyota Carina GT meeting

What would a Toyota Carina GT meeting look like in 1994? Well these photos were taken in 1994 at a Carina meeting somewhere in the Saitama Prefecture:
Carina Sightings: Toyota Carina GT meeting in 1994
All Carinas are GT models and all except one (RA45 18R-G) are 2T-G powered. How bizarre is that? I would say that’s pretty epic as the 2T-G versions of the third generation are now close to extinct!

The big lineup really looks great: Continue reading

Carina Sightings: RA45 Carina GT sedan

Every generation of Carinas had its GT model, including the A40 generation. The A40 generation had four flavors of GT models: the 4 door sedan and 3 door hardtop, powered by the 1588cc 2T-G and the 1968cc 18R-G engines.

This 1980 four door Carina is the kouki GT 2000 sedan, meaning it is a RA45:
Toyota Carina GT RA45
Toyota Carina GT RA45

The quad headlights on the GT model really look like a predecessor of the A60 headlights.

And the taillights also look very different from the normal A40:
Toyota Carina GT RA45
Toyota Carina GT RA45

They are darker and the reverse lights are now placed inside the moulding.

It also got lowered a bit:
Toyota Carina GT RA45
Toyota Carina GT RA45

These old school Work Equipe reverse really fit the Kyusha Kai style!

Seeing how beautiful the kouki A40 actually can be I would trade my TA60 for one anytime! ;)

Car chases: Abunai Deka full episode

Remember the Abunai Deka driving some Pontiac Firebird Trans Am? Well, the full episode has been uploaded by abunaideka1989 on Youtube. The episode starts a bit slow, but I really liked this second part:

First of all their 4 door Skyline R31 gets some bulletholes from an old geezer, then when they stop at a gas station they almost get run over by a RA45/TA45 Carina GT. :D
Lucky enough the Carina survives well! :P

Not enough car chases in that part? What about his fourth part with a lot of sideways action by a Cefiro A31:

Now if you really want to know how they end up in a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and how it ends, you can watch the whole episode here:
Abunai Deka full episode

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