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Magazines: Honda Accord in Rozsdakupac

Don’t laugh, but this magazine was actually the Christmas present from my wife!
Rozsdakupac magazine cover
When I was in Hungary during the holidays my wife bought this magazine in the Tesco because she knows I like old rusty cars. Especially the name of the magazine is an Hungarian pun and would roughly translate into rustpile. She thought of it as a joke and so did I…

Until I opened up the magazine halfway and found this feature of an immaculate second generation Honda Accord coupe:
Honda Accord coupe in Rozsdakupac
Nice, huh? It reminded me of this Honda Accord coupe near my son’s school.

Even nicer was this picture:
Honda Accord coupe in Rozsdakupac

And apparently Tomi (the owner) reads/visits Nori Yaro as well:
Nori Yaro reader??
I tried to get a subscription on the magazine since it only costs 3900 Hungarian Forint ($17!) for six issues (now beat that JNC!), but I think my email was lost in translation. The largest problem was that I was unable to pay for it in a regular way. Perhaps someone in Hungary can help me out transferring the money? :)

And in the end I also ended up registering a Dutch domainname coming close to the Hungarian pun but after registration over a month ago I still need to do something with it. Ah well, time will tell… ;)


  1. gred

    even 2 trabants xD

    • banpei

      Actually they feature three Trabbis! But on the cover they cut away the least interesting one. ;)
      BTW: an eye opener to find such a following on Trabants, Dacias and such cars!

  2. Peter

    Hi, I’m from Hungary. Can I help you solve your problem? Please, write down what you would like! P.

    • banpei

      I think I’ve already solved it through another fellow countrymen. But thanks for the offer!

  3. AccordmkII

    Hy Banpei :) I1m Tomi from Hungary. Owner the Accord. Thanx a lot in this post my car. It’s very good news. Love it!

    • banpei

      Hi Tomi! Great to see you found your car here.
      I saw the videos from the Hungarian Japfest. Shame I didn’t know about it earlier as I was still in Hungary on the 12th…

  4. Binci

    I’m really glad to see this post because I’m the editor in chief of the magazine. So we’re very happy to see that foreing people likes our work.
    If you want to subscribe, please contact us at [email protected], and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible. Maybe you sent your first e-mail in the time when we had a little server failure, sorry about that!
    Cheers: Binci

    • banpei

      Hi Binci!
      Thanks! I did try to arrange it though someone who greatly responded to help me out. Unfortunately, due to unresponsiveness from my side, it never got any further than that. So I’ll definitely resend the email.
      BTW: loved the bosozoku article in the summer edition!

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