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Honda Accord Coupé CA6 vs Prelude BA3 – Mashups

I have never fully understood the difference between the Prelude and the Honda Accord coupé. The first-generation Prelude was built on the first-generation Honda Accord platform, so why did the third-generation Accord re-introduce a coupé? The third-generation Accord also aligned with the design of the Prelude, CR-X and Integra, so they all featured pop-up headlights. This made it even more difficult to distinguish them from each other.

1986 Honda Accord coupé CA6
1986 Honda Accord coupé CA6

We’ll probably never know the true answer to why it was re-introduced, but let’s put the Prelude and the Accord coupé side by side and compare them.

PreludeAccord coupé
Length4,460 mm (175.6 in)4,564 mm (179.7 in)
Width1,709 mm (67.3 in)1,695 mm (67 in)
Height1,295 mm (51 in)1,336 mm (52.6 in)
Wheelbase2,565 mm (101 in)2,600 mm (102.4 in)

As you can see, the difference in dimensions is marginal. The Accord coupé is only 10 centimetres (4 inches) longer, 1.6 centimetres (0.3 inches) wider and 4 centimetres (1.6 inches) higher. The wheelbase is also almost equal.

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Practical Classics: British cars versus Japanese cars

I’m a subscriber to the Practical Classics Magazine and I just noticed their March 2014 cover:
Practical Classics Magazine March 2014
British versus Japan?
Kujira Crown coupe versus Ford Capri?
Triumph 1300 versus Corona?
Allegro versus Compagno?
Marina versus Bluebird?
Cavalier versus Accord?
I think only the Kujira Crown is going to lose in this battle! ;)
Oh boy, I can’t wait till it drops on my doorstep!

Japanese Autosport Festival: the bombs!

There are lovers and haters of the stickerbomb style and I happen to be somewhere in between. If applied in a good fashion I like it a lot, if done in a wrong way I definitely hate it. Given this phenomenon popped up one and a half to two years ago I think we’re currently at the high of the trend, so there is hope for the haters. ;)

Anyway, here is a selection of cars I found on the Japanese Autosport Festival with stickerbombs!
Stickerbombed Mazda Miata
First of all the Miata of which I posted up a bombed flip up light before. All round this car was applied with various stickers, but the bombs were concentrated around the flip up lights. I love it this way: it is easily reversible and not overdone.

Speaking of flip up lights, this is a closeup of the other light: Continue reading

Down on the Street: Palo Alto Honda Accord CB

Also this photo of a Honda Accord CB was taken in the United States when I was visiting for the MySQL conference. We visited the Wallmart Superstore in Palo Alto as we were a bit disappointed last year by size of the normal Wallmart in Milpitas. We didn’t know there was such a thing as the Wallmart Superstore… They best way to describe it to my fellow Europeans: it is about as big as an Ikea! Yes, that huge!

Anyway, this Accord was parked in the parkinglot and I took three photos in total:
Down on the Street: Honda Accord CB
This photo is the only one that actually made it, the other two as pitch black (yes, so also around that black Accord! ;) )as the camera was being defunct again. Anyway, that problem should be solved now! :)

Magazines: Honda Accord in Rozsdakupac

Don’t laugh, but this magazine was actually the Christmas present from my wife!
Rozsdakupac magazine cover
When I was in Hungary during the holidays my wife bought this magazine in the Tesco because she knows I like old rusty cars. Especially the name of the magazine is an Hungarian pun and would roughly translate into rustpile. She thought of it as a joke and so did I…

Until I opened up the magazine halfway and found this feature of an immaculate second generation Honda Accord coupe:
Honda Accord coupe in Rozsdakupac
Nice, huh? It reminded me of this Honda Accord coupe near my son’s school.

Even nicer was this picture: Continue reading

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