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Japanese Autosport Festival: the bombs!

There are lovers and haters of the stickerbomb style and I happen to be somewhere in between. If applied in a good fashion I like it a lot, if done in a wrong way I definitely hate it. Given this phenomenon popped up one and a half to two years ago I think we’re currently at the high of the trend, so there is hope for the haters. ;)

Anyway, here is a selection of cars I found on the Japanese Autosport Festival with stickerbombs!
Stickerbombed Mazda Miata
First of all the Miata of which I posted up a bombed flip up light before. All round this car was applied with various stickers, but the bombs were concentrated around the flip up lights. I love it this way: it is easily reversible and not overdone.

Speaking of flip up lights, this is a closeup of the other light:
Stickerbombed Mazda Miata

Then this Honda Civic EK also had a subtle bomb on its front lip:
Stickerbombed Honda Civic EG

But a bit less subtle team name on the side:
Team Pedo Bear Hentai?
WTF?! I didn’t know Pedo Bear was into Hentai?

A bit overdone was this Starlet EP70 at the Starlet Club:
Stickerbombed Starlet EP70

And a closeup of the whole fender:
Stickerbombed Starlet EP70
Too many stickers for my taste. Then again: taste is something personal. ;)

This Honda Accord CD was done in a similar way as the Civic EK but had a small difference:
McBombed Accord
It might be a bit difficult to see but the front lip was covered with circular McDonalds stickers. Who would want to McBomb an Accord?

Then while I was waiting near the entrance for the group this Honda Civic EC passed by:
Stickerbombed Honda EC
Again a bit overdone in my taste even though the Civic front fender is clearly smaller than the on the Starlet.

And another one passed by in his Honda Civic EF:
Stickerbombed Honda EF
It is a bit hard to find the bomb so very very subtle. :P


  1. gred

    i still dont know why they putting it on jdm styled cars…what it have to do with jdm?i actually never saw it on some japanese car…done before that shit started..

    • banpei

      They are applied to Japanese cars. Does that count as well? :D

      • gred

        not for me :P

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