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Down on the Street: Honda Civic EK

On a Sunday (about two weeks after I bought my Honda Civic) I was driving home from the Zoo with my son when a traffic jam started to emerge. Earlier I already spotted this nice Honda Civic EK with deep dished rims among the cars on the highway so I quickly changed lanes and used the opportunity of the slow traffic to grab a camera and take a photo of it:
Honda Civic EK mk6
Shortly after the jam disappeared so it’s just this single shot I could take.
While overtaking the EK I gave the guys a thumbs up and headed home.

Down on the Street: bumperless Civic EK

I spotted three different nicely tuned Civics on my way to work (and back) and every time I promised myself to take a picture of them. The first one is a four door Civic EF on kyusha mesh rims, the other a dark red/brown Civic Shuttle EE and the last one was this bumperless Civic EK:
Bumperless Honda Civic EK
Complete with bucketseats, rollcage and a big exhaust. As they are all parked every time on almost the same spot presumably they are owned by the same person. So reckon this as the first post out of three. ;)

Dunno if the owner follows the bumperless craze or it was actually a coincidence…

Japanese Autosport Festival: the bombs!

There are lovers and haters of the stickerbomb style and I happen to be somewhere in between. If applied in a good fashion I like it a lot, if done in a wrong way I definitely hate it. Given this phenomenon popped up one and a half to two years ago I think we’re currently at the high of the trend, so there is hope for the haters. ;)

Anyway, here is a selection of cars I found on the Japanese Autosport Festival with stickerbombs!
Stickerbombed Mazda Miata
First of all the Miata of which I posted up a bombed flip up light before. All round this car was applied with various stickers, but the bombs were concentrated around the flip up lights. I love it this way: it is easily reversible and not overdone.

Speaking of flip up lights, this is a closeup of the other light: Continue reading

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