Carina Sightings: Rare 3S-GE powered TA63

Carina Sightings: Rare 3S-GE powered TA63

Apparently this year I was the only one with a RWD Carina at the Japanese Autosport Festival, so time to take a small break with a regular!

Derek from sent me this Carina TA63 sedan that is for sale at Toymods:
Carina TA63 with 3SGE swap
The wheels fitted are Western Hurricane and a lot of modifications have been made to the chassis as well.

This is a picture shortly after it had been painted:
Carina TA63 with 3SGE swap
And it doesn’t look too shabby for a DIY job! 🙂

3S-GE always makes me hope for a blacktop beams swap, but this one has been fitted with a first generation 3S-GE:
Carina TA63 with 3SGE swap
Still the original first gen 3G-GE 160hp (186Nm torque) engine should be very capable for replacing the original 3T-GTE and this one even has been rebuilt with oversized pistons, a light head skim of 1mm and fitted with a set of ITBs.

The only problem with it: its price is $9000 AUD ($9300 USD) and this 1985 Carina is located in Queensland Australia, so keep on dreaming if you are from anywhere outside the southern hemisphere!

3 Replies to “Carina Sightings: Rare 3S-GE powered TA63”

    1. I think not as rare as in Europe nowadays. 😛
      As far as I know the Carina only made it as an import to Australia. They did get the Corona T140, so naturally they do have the Carina van with a slightly different nose.

  1. what spoiler is that? I’ve got an AA60 hatch with an SR20 thats been converted to run twin side draft dellorto’s… Am trying to build a TRD styled ducktale, or try modify a AW11 spoiler for the hatch…

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