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Carina Sightings: Rare 3S-GE powered TA63

Apparently this year I was the only one with a RWD Carina at the Japanese Autosport Festival, so time to take a small break with a regular!

Derek from sent me this Carina TA63 sedan that is for sale at Toymods:
Carina TA63 with 3SGE swap
The wheels fitted are Western Hurricane and a lot of modifications have been made to the chassis as well.

This is a picture shortly after it had been painted:
Carina TA63 with 3SGE swap
And it doesn’t look too shabby for a DIY job! :)

3S-GE always makes me hope for a blacktop beams swap, but this one has been fitted with a first generation 3S-GE:
Carina TA63 with 3SGE swap
Still the original first gen 3G-GE 160hp (186Nm torque) engine should be very capable for replacing the original 3T-GTE and this one even has been rebuilt with oversized pistons, a light head skim of 1mm and fitted with a set of ITBs.

The only problem with it: its price is $9000 AUD ($9300 USD) and this 1985 Carina is located in Queensland Australia, so keep on dreaming if you are from anywhere outside the southern hemisphere!


  1. kari

    Carina in Australia, quite rare I believe?

    • banpei

      I think not as rare as in Europe nowadays. :P
      As far as I know the Carina only made it as an import to Australia. They did get the Corona T140, so naturally they do have the Carina van with a slightly different nose.

  2. liam

    what spoiler is that? I’ve got an AA60 hatch with an SR20 thats been converted to run twin side draft dellorto’s… Am trying to build a TRD styled ducktale, or try modify a AW11 spoiler for the hatch…

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