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  1. carina finland

    I’m allso planning to put a first gen 3sge engine in to my ta60 some day :) the engine have waited many years to get in action. I’m not sure yet will i use fuel injection or twin carburetors but there is a long way to that point when i need to figure out what i’m gonna use becouse the rear axle needs to be changed and the gearbox and engine mounts need to be done and million other things but maby some day i finaly get started and the old 2t engine can finaly rest in peace :)

    • banpei

      Thanks for sharing!
      Yes, of course it is quite a lot that needs to be changed for such a swap. The 4AGE swap is more straightforward as at least the gearbox mounts will be the same and you can reuse the rear axle.
      Personally I would go for twin carburetors as you will have one worry less with the fuel system. For my Carina I want to retain the 4AGE with injectors so I need to change my fuel system to a high pressure system.

    • Miq

      Excellent stuff. Are you using a stand alone ecu to run the itbs? I am about to do the same swap and am not sure whether to just modify the 3sge inlet manifold to have the throttle body on the other side or run itbs. Thanks.

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