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Carina Sightings: red Carina TA63 @ JCCA NYM 2012

Ben R managed to find me a picture of the red Carina TA63 at the JCCA New Year Meeting 2012:
Red Carina TA63 at JCCA NYM 2012
I love the 63 licenseplate!

It also enabled me to track down the owner: it is the Carina GT Turbo I posted before. Apart from driving around in the Carina TA63 he is also singing a lot in his videos. You can find “his blog here

Photo originally from Flickr and hattip to Ben R!


  1. Ben R

    Also spotted this Coupe for sale:

  2. Ben R

    That’s crazy! Now I really want to give it a home ;)
    Are they not so popular over there?

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