WTF: Hugging a Toyota 3T-GTE engine

January 21, 2015 in WTF

I scanned this picture of a girl hugging a Toyota 3T-GTE engine from a Toyota Corona TT142 brochure. The borchure was inside one of the Kaikki Karina magazines I bought recently:
Toyota 3T-GTE engine hug
I’m not entirely sure I should call it hugging… It is more a bit like she cherishes the engine, or feeling a great affection to it and she also caresses the intake with her left hand. Now I that engine must have

It is a bit less odd if you take into account that the Toyota Corona T140 series got promoted heavily by Roger Moore who was back in 1982 still the actor that played James Bond.

Looking at this photo 33 years later makes the girl look a bit silly, or even a bit sexist photo on how to sell your high performance engines. Then again: James Bond likes classy stuff and the 3T-GTE was certainly a classy engine in the early 80s!

Carina Sightings: red Carina TA63 @ JCCA NYM 2012

February 8, 2012 in carina sightings

Ben R managed to find me a picture of the red Carina TA63 at the JCCA New Year Meeting 2012:
Red Carina TA63 at JCCA NYM 2012
I love the 63 licenseplate!

It also enabled me to track down the owner: it is the Carina GT Turbo I posted before. Apart from driving around in the Carina TA63 he is also singing a lot in his videos. You can find “his blog here

Photo originally from Flickr and hattip to Ben R!

Carina Sightings: Early Carina GT twincam turbo

November 9, 2011 in Carina sightings

I was a bit surprised to see the design of this early Carina GT-T TA63: the added black border (hardly can call it a pinstripe) above the black side mouldings with the twincam turbo on it.
1982 carina gt ta63

Looks a bit weird to me because the later versions also feature a banner, but the banner is placed under the side moulding. See also this late Carina GT-TR coupe at Flyrat: Read the rest of this entry →

Ove Andersson and his TA64 Toyota Celica

June 26, 2010 in TA64

This cool video shows how Ove Andersson’s driving is being monitored in the 4T-GTE Twincam Turbo Celica by the TRD engineers in the early 80s. Simple setups with rubberbands and pullys, a single registration unit… Back in those days state of the art technique!

I love it how easy and relaxed Ove is driving: full throttle, steering madly and driving on the edge wearing nothing more than a tiny helmet, a pair of sunglasses, a polo and shorts. And that 4T-GTE sound! Awesome!!