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Magazines: Kaikki Karina – All About Carina

About two weeks ago I found an auction on Auctions Yahoo that sold two (old) magazines about the Toyota Carina A60 for a reasonable price, so obviously I was interested to buy it. I happily bid on it and two weeks later the both of them landed on my desk at work (thanks Buyee!):
Kaikki Karina: All about Carina
What I didn’t get from the auction text was that these magazines were actually from 1981 and 1982 and not new! The magazines are called Kaikki Karina (カリーナのすべて – All About Carina) and I suspect they were a long running Toyota Carina owners magazine.

The great thing about having these old magazines is that they actually include all sorts of time period extra information, like the design studies done for the Carina sedan:
Kaikki Karina: All about Carina
As you can see Toyota did a bunch of small scale models and a pair of full scale models on the finished product. Interestingly one of the small scale models really looks like a four door Mitsubishi Galant Lambda and the other as the ext Mitsubishi Galant Eterna. Did they hire a designer from Mitsubishi?

Kaikki Karina: All about Carina
Similarly the design studies for the Carina coupe are also interesting. But more about these studies in a later post where I actually had the chance to scan these pages properly.

Second magazine contains a test of the all new 3T-GTE engined Celica, Corona and Carina!
Kaikki Karina: All about Carina
And match them up against a Porsche 924 and a Mitsubishi Starion.
Also more about that later…

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