It doesn’t state why this Toyota Carina AA63 in a NCML drift video is called the Devil Carina but I think if you watch the video you will get a good hunch why.
Carina Sightings: Devil Toyota Carina AA63 at NCML Drift
Not only does it go sideways just as good as all the AE86s surrounding it, it also gets rediculously close to the white Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 driving up front, over and over again. And damn, those Volk Racing TE37v sure do look awesome on the Toyota Carina AA63!

You can watch the full video below:

The video states it was recorded at the Hokkaido NCML drift event and I guess it was part of the tandem event. I also assume the driver and owner are one and the same as the Toyota Carina AA63 in this video at Chitose circuit in Hokkaido and the same as the one winning D1SL North two years ago

Direct link to video: AE86 LEVIN & AA63 DEVIL CARINA NCML DRIFT 北海道 ドリフト