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Magazines: Kaikki Karina – All About Carina

About two weeks ago I found an auction on Auctions Yahoo that sold two (old) magazines about the Toyota Carina A60 for a reasonable price, so obviously I was interested to buy it. I happily bid on it and two weeks later the both of them landed on my desk at work (thanks Buyee!):
Kaikki Karina: All about Carina
What I didn’t get from the auction text was that these magazines were actually from 1981 and 1982 and not new! The magazines are called Kaikki Karina (カリーナのすべて – All About Carina) and I suspect they were a long running Toyota Carina owners magazine.

The great thing about having these old magazines is that they actually include all sorts of time period extra information, like the design studies done for the Carina sedan: Continue reading

Brochures: French/Spanish and JDM Mitsubishi Galant Eterna

After one and a half years I finally solved a puzzle regarding a JDM Mitsubishi Galant Eterna on French license plates in the Spanish Pyrenees! Today I found a couple more pieces of this puzzle:
Brochures Mitsubishi Galant Eterna
Not the same Galant Eterna but a white 2000GSR GT Turbo model also on French plates in the pit lane of, most probably, the Le Mans circuit in France including a Japanese celebrity called Ken Takakura (高倉健) born as Goichi Oda.

Then the same guy with a dog stand in front of a big ship with the same car with Japanese license plates: Continue reading

Brochures: French Eterna Sigma in Spain

For some reason during the 80s the Japanese liked to portrait their cars in a foreign habitat, like they needed approval from the old world. The same happened to this 1980 Mitsubishi Eterna ?:
1980 Mitsubishi Eterna Sigma brochure
This Eterna ? is on French plates (Paris), RHD and portrayed next to a Spanish farmer and his mule (Sancho Panza) and against the Don Quixote white windmills.
What were they trying to say? That the Eterna Sigma is capable of attacking the giants (windmills)? Or that the Japanese advanced technology wise more than the Spanish (and the old world)? And why is the lady on the right drinking coffee? I honestly don’t know…

Found at Furudo Kai

Commercial time: Mitsubishi Galant Sigma Eterna

Some time ago I already featured the Mitsubishi Galant Sigma seats in the Commercial time features. I found these 1985 Mitsubishi Galant Sigma Eterna (hardtop) commercials:

Judging from the shot featuring the woman at the rear seats they still loved to put in those fluffy seats. Also the song in the video goes on about You haven’t changed a bit while it is clear that the car actually has changed 99% over its previous generation! Just have a look at all its new features!

Not only did it introduce the new V6 6G71 Cyclone engine, it also introduced the switch from RWD to FWD to the Galant lineup.

I really love these commercials: the Japanese voice-over pronouncing the Galanto Siguma Hardutoppo and the totally misplaced Cyclone promo! (It actually looks like a Dyson commercial!)

So the You haven’t changed a bit part did not apply to the car itself, but to its fluffy seats?

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