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Carina Sightings: Carina’s twin Brother

MyCub uploaded these two videos containing all Corona Twincam Turbo TT140 commercials featuring Roger Moore (when he was still 007). The Carina GT-TR TA63 had the puppy saving Sonny Chiba, its twin brother the Corona GT-TR TT140 had Roger Moore jumping out of a truck!

On one hand I prefer Roger Moore because he got a bit more class (and so does the Corona), but on the other hand the Carina is more a ordinary hero’s car.
I love the last commercial with the three trucks saying “Toyota”, “Twincam Turbo” and “New Corona GT”.

In this second video we see more James Bond in the ads: with the classy ladies, the miraculous escape and the good endings!

Of course the aim of Toyota was to get some more of the 007 glory they received with the 2000GT and lost again to Aston Martin…

Direct link to video: 1982 TOYOTA CORONA Ad 1 and


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    LOL! :D
    That’s exactly what it sounds like!

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