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WTF: Hugging a Toyota 3T-GTE engine

I scanned this picture of a girl hugging a Toyota 3T-GTE engine from a Toyota Corona TT142 brochure. The borchure was inside one of the Kaikki Karina magazines I bought recently:
Toyota 3T-GTE engine hug
I’m not entirely sure I should call it hugging… It is more a bit like she cherishes the engine, or feeling a great affection to it and she also caresses the intake with her left hand. Now I that engine must have

It is a bit less odd if you take into account that the Toyota Corona T140 series got promoted heavily by Roger Moore who was back in 1982 still the actor that played James Bond.

Looking at this photo 33 years later makes the girl look a bit silly, or even a bit sexist photo on how to sell your high performance engines. Then again: James Bond likes classy stuff and the 3T-GTE was certainly a classy engine in the early 80s!


  1. Irvin

    Can you scan that whole page of that ad and send it to my email please?

    Thanks :)

    • banpei

      Will do. But I think I only have time to do that late next week, so if by then I haven’t drop me an email. ;)

  2. Daniel

    I have a 1984 TT142 Toyota Corona GT-T sedan with a 3TGTE. Great engine and a awsome car to drive. Its a great sleeper to the unknown…

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