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Carina Sightings: Early Carina GT twincam turbo

I was a bit surprised to see the design of this early Carina GT-T TA63: the added black border (hardly can call it a pinstripe) above the black side mouldings with the twincam turbo on it.
1982 carina gt ta63

Looks a bit weird to me because the later versions also feature a banner, but the banner is placed under the side moulding. See also this late Carina GT-TR coupe at Flyrat:

Actually I think the old design looks far better on the white sedans, while the later type look better on this coupe.

Sounds like a lot of fun to see if I can recreate these two designs somehow. If there are enough people around willing to have such a banner on their Carina I will dive into this, so let me know! :)

Found at TMSCRacing


  1. Dave Mitchell

    If you were to do one, mine would have to say Twin Cam Supercharger ;-)

    • banpei

      That would be not a big problem I guess… My idea was to have the banners cut using three color vinyl, so one layer of black and then the white twin cam and turbo logo separately. Finding the supercharger logo would be possible I guess.

    • Faafa Araphat

      Do you know where i can get atwin cam gt carina on sale

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