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Ebay Treasures: Nissan Silvia S12 Grand Prix project

It is always sad to see an abandoned project for sale, especially if it may be a well known Nissan Silvia S12 Grand prix widebody:
Nissan Silvia S12 Grand Prix widebody
According to the ad the Nissan Silvia S12 Grand Prix has been stripped to bare metal and all rust has been resolved and a cage has been welded in.

Everything has been properly coated except for the hatch and bonnet:
Nissan Silvia S12 Grand Prix widebody
The ad also mentions you will get it with the original 1315 inch Gotti rims and a disassembled FJ20, but you can easily change it to a SR20DET.

Nissan Silvia S12 Grand Prix widebody
I really hope it isn’t the same as Mark’s S12. So Mark, if you read this: can you give some clarity on the subject? ;)

Found at: Marktplaats


  1. Mark

    Hi Art,

    no its not mine. This is one of the other three in the Netherlands.
    If you want to follow mine just add me on fb:

    The Gotti rims are 15inch btw. 13 inch would never fit the front brakes.

    • banpei

      Good to hear it is not your S12 GP. :)
      Good to know about the Gotti rims. The ad on Marktplaats mentions the 13 inch, but I’ll update the posting with 15.

  2. uthen

    Dear sir.
    I just read it. I also one of the fan club for these model. I would like to check with you that thes ecar is still for sell or not, I would like to continue the project in my country, Thailand

    • banpei

      I haven’t seen the ad for months, so I guess it got sold after a while.

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