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Auctions Yahoo: kouki Carina A60 tail lights

Finally I’ve been able to win a pair of them: the kouki Carina sedan tail lights seem to be made of unobtainium these days! Big thanks to Ewan from Hayatonka!
Auctions Yahoo Carina kouki tail lights
And as an added bonus: even more kouki headlight surroundings, grille, city lights and indicator lights!
Too bad the package won’t make it before Christmas. :'(


  1. chanaka prasad

    TOYOTA CARINA AA60 Head Lights (pries $)
    buffer and beeding
    tail lights

  2. ishara gamage


  3. Indunil Anushka

    Hello.. i want to buy this .. How much/?

    • banpei

      You can find the tail lights and such on Auctions Yahoo for around 8000 to 10000 yen (about 100 dollars) and including shipping and handling it should not excess 200 dollars nowadays.

  4. Wasantha

    Do you have these AA60 parts I want to buy..Thanks.

  5. Ajithkumar


    I’m from Srilanka, I need front and back tail lights set with cell for Toyota carina aa60 car.
    Please let me know that how can i have them.
    My email is:[email protected].
    Mobile phone: +94 714177522

  6. asitha wijetunga

    hi im from sri lanka and need even more headlight surroundings,city lights and indicator lights,tail lights and front and rear bumpers for toyota carina aa60 please let me know how can i get them. if u have the full set in the pic i want mind buying all my contact +94777810710 whats up and viber available

    • banpei

      I’m sorry, but I don’t have those for sale.
      They do popup on Yahoo Auctions regularly.

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