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Rustoseums: Nissan Violet SSS

This (nowadays) very rare second generation Datsun Violet is not for the faint hearted as its original color has been replaced by bubbly brown patina:
Datsun Violet A10 SSS Rustoseum
The Datsun Violet 160J SSS A10 was sold in Europe with the twin carbed L16T and was top of the line Violet back then. Given the state of this Violet now I reckon it should be currently at the bottom of the line. ;)

Can it really be that bad? Yes it can! Just take a look on the other side of the car:
Datsun Violet A10 SSS Rustoseum

And up front it is even worse:
Datsun Violet A10 SSS Rustoseum
The whole hood has shrunk a good five centimeters (two inches!) in size! It must be something typical for this era Nissans as this Skyline C211 wagon suffers from the same thing!
Well, maybe you could replace it with this Violet A10 front clip?

So what about the inside?
Datsun Violet A10 SSS Rustoseum
Just appears to be in (almost) perfect condition!

So you may wonder what junkyard this Violet is in… Well you are wrong there as this Violet is actually for sale for 1150 euros:
So would you pay 1150 euro for a L16T (with 5 speed box!) and a neat interior?


  1. Adam

    Hi I would be interested in that datsun how we could arrange pick up ?

    Thanks for info

    • banpei

      I’m not selling the Datsun myself. It was for sale on over two years ago, so I guess it got sold after a while.

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