Remembering Japanese cars from the past

JAF 2013: RWD from the 70s

There wasn’t that many 70s cars around at the Japanse Autosport Festival. Probably got to do with the fact that anything sporty from the 70s nowadays is tucked away in a museum.
JAF 2013: Mitsubishi Celeste
This Mitsubishi Celeste also looked like it belonged in a museum. Period correct number on the license plate and it looked almost as stunning as the Mitsubishi Cordia! And of course this one is based on the Galant A70 series, so it is rear wheel drive!

Another stunning looker was this track prepped Sunny B110:
JAF 2013: Datsun Sunny B110
Not a period race car, but it is a nice replica with those old school ATS wheels!


  1. WasabiCars

    I so want to see one of those Celestes.

    • banpei

      I’ll make more photos of the Mitsu corner next year!

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