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JAF 2013: the Mitsubishi Cordia barn find

At the JAF this note on a 1983 Mitsubishi Cordia drew my attention:
JAF 2013: Mitsubishi Cordia barnfind
For the non-Dutchies: it states the car has been in a barn for 28 years and now after 29 years and 5 months it had 2 MOTs and 3500 kilometers on the odometer! Yes, that’s for real!

This is what the car looks like:
JAF 2013: Mitsubishi Cordia barnfind
Stunning, perfect, nothing alike, mint and WANT are the words that popped into my mind after seeing this car. But after a few seconds I realized the Cordia succeeded the Celeste by adding a boxy coupe body on top of the FWD Galants underpinnings. So even if it is rare, Mitsubishi and only has 3500 on the odo it still won’t make me want it that badly. ;)


  1. WasabiCars

    Wow. It does look new.

    • banpei

      Almost new! Almost… ;)
      But I would feel guilty driving it: any kilometer to the odometer makes it less pristine. ;)

  2. Warren Thomas

    Far from boxy, these cars were ground breaking trend-setters in their day with the new ‘wedge’ shape, turbo charger, front wheel drive and full independent suspension which was found in very few cars in those days. With the GSR sports suspension, these things went around corners like they were on rails. They were a shade light in the back, but this was easily fixed by filling the 55 litre fuel tank!

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