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Commerical time: Lancer fights on in China

I always liked the looks of the seventh generation Lancer, especially when it became available in that awesome EVO package. I really have fond memories of seeing a EVO V up close during a smoke break in 2001 when one of the (shady) business partners of one of my former employers parked it right next to me. I can still remember that awesome sound, those awesome looks and that awesome smell of burnt oil! :)

Anyways, I’m drifting off a bit too much… The Chinese car manufacturer Soueast is building the seventh generation of the Lancer in license. In other words, you can still buy them!

There is also a sports edition with a restyled nose. Let’s hope the Chinese are sane enough to offer the EVO versions as well! :)

Car chases: Mitsubishi versus Nissan

Time for some more car chases! This time it is Mitsubishis versus Nissans!
Edit: embedding was disabled by the user. Click on the image to watch the video!

This video clip of Guerilla: Tokyo Police Group 8 shows what carnage a group of Nissans can do against the police Mitsubishis. Lucky enough Shou Kuramoto (chief Daimon in Seibu Keisatsu) kills off the rocket launcher. Unfortunately two perfectly good Nissan Gazelle S110s get killed instantly and the Cedric manages to survive a good 8 minutes. So the Mitsubishis prevail over the Nissans. Nissan versus Mitsubishi, 0 : 1.

DOTS: Misubishi Starion widebody

I was digging through my old photo archives and found a couple of pictures of cars I spotted down on the street some years ago. Let’s kick off with this widebody Mitsubishi Starion:
DOTS: Mitsubishi Starion widebody
DOTS: Mitsubishi Starion widebody

Back then I was living in a neighborhood near the center of Amsterdam where parking was free. So a lot of people living in the center of Amsterdam were parking their car opposite to my house, the Starion owner included.

He drove the Starion only once or twice per month and the rest of the time it was just parked there gathering rust/dust, including being parked slant.

DOTS: Mitsubishi Starion widebody
DOTS: Mitsubishi Starion widebody

The badges told me it was the 4G54 equipped Starion (turbo intercooler) and a quick lookup on the Dutch vehicle registration pages revealed its MOT did expire in 2007. Probably the car is currently in storage or on someones driveway.

The owner did not really take good car of it and after something like eight or nine months I witnessed him selling the Starion on the street opposite to my house.

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