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Commerical time: Lancer fights on in China

I always liked the looks of the seventh generation Lancer, especially when it became available in that awesome EVO package. I really have fond memories of seeing a EVO V up close during a smoke break in 2001 when one of the (shady) business partners of one of my former employers parked it right next to me. I can still remember that awesome sound, those awesome looks and that awesome smell of burnt oil! :)

Anyways, I’m drifting off a bit too much… The Chinese car manufacturer Soueast is building the seventh generation of the Lancer in license. In other words, you can still buy them!

There is also a sports edition with a restyled nose. Let’s hope the Chinese are sane enough to offer the EVO versions as well! :)


  1. Killua

    There are a lot of chinese cars that are sold in my country, mostly models from Chery, Chang’an and Great Wall. But it would be nice if this car was imported now!

    Or even better: A chinese company buying the licence to make R32 Nissan Skylines. :D

  2. banpei

    Why not have them build the R30 in license first? ;)

  3. Killua

    If we go that way, then I would also ask for some Hachi rokus! :)

    Oh, the list would be endless.

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