Let’s continue with the JAF photos I shot!
At the Wangan Warriors Season Kickoff Meeting I missed out on this Suzuki Alto Works RS-R CC72V:
JAF 2013: Suzuki Alto Works RS-R
I *just* had left when I arrived at the meetup. :(

So this time I made sure to take photos of it *before* it could even leave the premisses!
JAF 2013: Suzuki Alto Works RS-R
This Alto Works RS-R is one rare beast: it has got 64hp travelling to the roads through its continuous 4WD system. Its engine is a work of art: with a tiny 543cc with a tiny IHI turbocharger and a top-mounted tiny air-to-air intercooler it still managed to give such a high output back in 1987!

I’ve driven my brother’s Alto CB91 more than ten years ago and I remember it as quite a surprising car. It is light and with the EUDM larger 796cc engine (output of 40hp) it was quite an agile car. So this 64hp monster must be a blast to drive!

And of course this car screams 80s from all angles: not only in its boxy presence but also with the Alto Works RS-R liverage! What I especially likes was this special detail:
JAF 2013: Suzuki Alto Works RS-R
Just imagine driving this car in wintertime and the heated rear window lights up Twin Cam Turbo in your rear view mirror. And because you look at it through your mirror it is also readable! Awesome!
Toyota should have thought of this for the Carina TA63! ;)