I’ll continue where I left off: right at this Honda Civic.

For some unknown reason the whole meeting was overcrowded by Civics and for another unknown reason the roads around the meetup were clogged up with high revving VTECs. Once is funny, a couple of time is nice, but after several hours it just gets plain annoying.
Wangan Warriors: Honda Civic EF
Anyway, let’s talk a bit about this Civic: I think the IKEA background suits this Civic. This Civic does not seem to have a clear theme and is a bit of various popular parts together. Take a bra / nose protector, ground scrapingly low coilover set, wide steelies and you are done with it.

Of course that summary is very harsh and I actually did like the car as a whole and took several more pictures of it…
Wangan Warriors: Honda Civic EF
I actually have about 10 different pictures of this Civic of which most of them are my attempts to shoot it with my 135mm Jupiter 11A lens. I wanted to experiment a bit more with different focal lengths and I found out I have a big gap in my lens collection: I don’t have an 85mm! Hence I brought the 135mm with me. :o

Anyway, I think the 135mm did a very fine job and it really flattened the perspective on this Civic. If you compare the two pictures they clearly have a very very different atmosphere. The one shot with the 135mm the Civic clearly looks more aggressive.

To illustrate the way the perspective changes:
Wangan Warriors: The atmosphere
Most of the cars lined up appear to be about the same size: the fourth car in the line is two times as big as the last one visible while there are at least 10 cars in between. At the same time the field of depth is relatively shallow… So the 135mm will definitely stay in the list of lenses to bring to a car meetup.

Also this photo of another Civic EF was taken with the 135mm:
Wangan Warriors: It started to snow...
It started to snow and I wanted it to show blurred in the foreground.

And then it really started to snow heavily!
Wangan Warriors: Snowy Skyline BNR32 GT-R
I’ve always liked the black R32 over the standard gunmetal grey after watching the episodes where Zack from the Night Kids challenges the Akina downhill specialist. ;)
BTW: Zack’s R32 would look tame compared to the agressive looks of this one!

Remember the Silvia S13 with the Rocket Bunny bodykit? Here it is again withstanding winter during the first weeks of spring:
Wangan Warriors:  Snowy Silvia S13

Wangan Warriors: Snowy Silvia S13
To be honest: I think it looks better with a tiny layer of snow…

Wangan Warriors: Nissan 200SX S13
And so does Mum’s car! ;)

Then everybody fled to their shelters (e.g. car) and I switched my lens for the 50mm again.