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Down on the Street: Prestine Honda Civic Mk1

It is just a joy to bring my son to school everyday. For almost two years now I’ve been passing either a Honda Accord Mk2 or a Honda Civic S Mk2 (or both!) at the same parking lot. Of course I was very thrilled to see another nostalgic Honda appearing in that very same parking lot:
Down on the Street: Honda Civic Mk1
Yes, a little red Honda Civic Mk1! A 1200 automatic to be a bit more precise. ;)

A bit more up close you can really make out it is in excellent condition:
Down on the Street: Honda Civic Mk1
Those KN Jupiter wheels really suit the car well. Clearance with the fenders may be a bit to wide, but if the springs are stiff enough it should not really matter… Also the periodically correct, probably old new stock, rear window louvres and Kamei front lip look awesome!

At first I thought the Civic would replace either the Accord or the Civic Mk2 but in the past month I’ve seen them alternating each other on a daily basis.


  1. gred

    now thats cool,also these wheels,jupiters are often used here at skoda 120,rapid etc too,since they were in 4×130 too :D,also i like kamei things,i have hand rest right for the favorit,not any universal in my car,also oldschool one,when favorit was new…actually i haz a forman now,but whatever,its just wagon lol

  2. Andre

    Hey guys,

    always nice to find one of your cars on the web when you are just scrolling the internet :)

    This red one is still mine. The other 2 cars banpei is talking about are both sold 1,5 years ago. This one is my favourite.

    Cheers André

    • banpei

      Great to found your way here on Christmas-eve! ;)
      All three of them are really nice cars, but I agree with you: the red mk1 is the best of them.
      BTW: I haven’t seen any of your Hondas there lately. Have you moved since?

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