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Down on the Street: Blue 1979 Honda Civic Mk1

This morning I was driving from my son’s school to work and took a wrong turn as people were digging up in one of the streets. That happened to be a lucky break as I passed this great looking blue Honda Civic Mk1:
Down on the Street: Blue Honda Civic Mk1
The little car looked awesome, especially in the early morning light.

The tenth owner must really love its little Honda as the car got treated on a bucket seat (with beads!) for the driver: Continue reading

Down on the Street: Prestine Honda Civic Mk1

It is just a joy to bring my son to school everyday. For almost two years now I’ve been passing either a Honda Accord Mk2 or a Honda Civic S Mk2 (or both!) at the same parking lot. Of course I was very thrilled to see another nostalgic Honda appearing in that very same parking lot:
Down on the Street: Honda Civic Mk1
Yes, a little red Honda Civic Mk1! A 1200 automatic to be a bit more precise. ;)

A bit more up close you can really make out it is in excellent condition: Continue reading

Japanse Autosport Festival: the classics

I think many of you have waited for this: the classics at the Japanse Autosport Festival!

The best classic on the terrain was this original Dutch 1977 Honda Civic SB parked in the parkinglot:
Honda Civic SB
As you can see it is in perfect condition and I could not find a spec of rust on it. It also has been fitted with a set of periodically correct vintage alloys.

The only comment I can give is that it was missing one small thing: Continue reading

Video: 1984 Fuji International Speedway 250km

I found this very good amateur video of the 1984 Fuji Gran Championship at Fuji International Speedway where a bunch of Sunny B110s, Sunny B310s, Starlet KP61s and first generations Honda Civics battled the TSA class 250km race. The competition is fierce and you can enjoy an 8 minutes spectacle of bumps, spins and drifts:

BTW: at 3:37 an unidentified car is going through the corner on 3 wheels. Anyone got an idea what car it is?

Direct link to video: ’84富士GC第2戦 マイナーツーリングレース Bコーナーでのアクシデント

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